Hailey’s New Trews

I have been crazy busy with dissertation work (thankfully, the end is in sight) and unfortunately I’ve an exam on Wednesday so have been cramming for that.

So while I gather my thoughts and put full effort into the final slog of my masters, here is my sister Hailey! I don’t own any trousers and I should change that at some point because it’s nice to mix it up a bit. Hailey and I were shopping a few weeks ago and I spotted these great trousers in Zara and they looked awesome on her.

hailey trews 1

hailey trews 2
Top (Topshop) Trousers (Zara) Belt (UO) Bag (Vintage) Shoes (thrifted)

hailey Zara tres detail

Ring (Miss Selfridge) Bangles (all gifts…some of which are from my trip to Morocco)

Hailey says they’re super comfy and loves that they’re both casual but also smart. She even thinks that they would look great with braces for that boyish look. I should fish some out so she can try that out sometime.

She hasn’t said it explicitly but I bet she was glad that I spotted them. Yeah I think I did good too…!