Hailey’s Graduation

It was my sister, Hailey’s graduation not so long ago and we travelled up to Liverpool to see her bid her final farewell to the university.


Getting the official graduation photo done.

I guess it’s time for the older sister part of me to come out, but I can’t quite believe that university life is all finished for her.


Shirt (Zara) Skirt (American Apparel) Cardi (Urban Outfitters) Belt (River Island) Tights (Topshop) Oxfords (H&M) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)

Unfortuntely I ripped my tights. It’s funny how a little hole can turn into the most spectacular ladder. Completely unsaveable but I need to find some replacements because I love them so. Luckily ASOS have some so I will have to clickety click for a new pair.


All the family, I can’t actually believe how my 12yr old sis is as tall as us in flats! We’re all so tiny!

Me and HaileyPhilharmonic

Hailey’s graduation took place in the Philharmonic hall. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go in, as there were not enough tickets for us all, so lil’ sis Becky and I had a wander around Liverpool instead!

Hailey grad

She still has to complete law school which means another year of studies for her LPC. I may have made a few jokes about free legal advice but having a lawyer in the family will certainly have it’s benefits! But for now, she’s taking a year off from the books to earn some money and go travelling. Kinda envious of that last part actually! Also, now that she is free from studying for a while, expect to see her more often around here!