Asian Snacks and the MSc.

I hate filling the blog with dissertation news but woes they are not. I’m very nearly done which is awesome and means I can get back to catching up with everyones blogs and er…the big hunt for the first graduate job (which is probably more scary!).

Thank you for all the good luck vibes too and especially to those who answered my dissertation questions that I left on this blog ages ago. You guys helped me way more than you realise!

Anyway, here is a long overdue outfit post. Breaking out the sheer blouse and my favourite Henry Holland tights!

butterfly belt and sheer blouse

Blouse (H&M) Vest Top (New Look) Skirt (Urban Outfitters) Belt (Pop Boutique) Tights (HoH) Shoes (TopShop)
During dissertation-ing, I’m constantly snacking (hands up who does it too?). Some of my favourite drinks are Yakult and Vitasoy. Back when Yakult was not readily avaliable at supermarkets, I remember my grandad bringing packs of them back with him from trips to Hong Kong. They were such a novelty when I was a kid and they remind of me of being little.

Gotta love Vitasoy too (soya milk drink) definitely a home comfort when I drink these! My parents told me that when they were younger in Hong Kong, they were sold in glass bottles (like Coke) and they would buy hot ones and walk to school drinking them!


My mom constantly comes home with different varieties of Asian snacks that she liked the look of in the Chinese supermarket. My favourite are the spicy Shrimp crackers but these corn flavoured ones are pretty yummy too.

Korean Crisps
Plus they’re fun to eat! Rawrrr!
Silly claws.

As if this academic year has passed so quickly, some of it has been pretty stressful and more challenging than I could ever have imagined. Studying for a masters can be pretty tough and it’s been a bit of a learning curve. However, I can definitely say that I nearly have a MSc to my name and plenty of amazing friends from my course. I hope we’re reunited again one day as most are scattered around the world!