Souvenirs and Meet Ups!

I hate to go back and forth, but this is it, the last post to do with Marrakesh! The photo below was taken by my friend and as I recall, was the outfit from day 1.


Tee (UO) Shorts (Miss Selfridge) Sandals (Carvela) Hat (Accessorize) Earrings (Warehouse)

So like I said before, I barely bought anything on holiday. Maybe I was a bit too picky about holiday souvenirs but I did manage to buy a few things and bag these super cheap bangles for my sister. I don’t really wear bangles but I knew that my sister, Hailey would love these. I bagged them for about 70p each. Definitely a success as she’s been wearing them a lot lately!

Moroccon bangles

I bought for myself, a pair of silver filigree dreamcatcher earrings. This was off the guy who suggested I trade my friend for a camel, so I’ll always remember that story when I wear these. They’ll forever be known as my ‘almostgainedacamel’ earrings and well, let’s face it, everyone wants a pair of those!


I also bought these very mini tagines. Tagines this tiny are either purely decorative or for the storage of salt and pepper. I thought they would be great little storage containers to hold my lil’ sister Becky’s studded earrings.

Mini Tangines

So moving away from Morocco and onwards to London! It’s always fun going to blogger meet ups and actually seeing a real moving person in front of you instead of a static image! I finally got to meet the lovely Wendy B in person last Saturday in London (who should totally be a spokesperson for MAC pro longwear lip colour!). Other bloggers present were Liz from Miss Peelpants, Kate from Make Do Style, Margaret from the fantasticly named Penny Dreadful Vintage and Disneyrollergirl.

L-R- Wendy B, Liz and KateL-R, Liz, Kate and Margaret

Pictures by Margaret and Wendy!

As you can see we had plenty of pimms which resulted in plans of shopping around Carnaby Street going out the window. I’m not complaining though, I’d much rather choose pimms and great company over shopping any day (sacrilege?!).