Ring a Ring o’ Roses…

loose rosebuds

So it’s time for another post on one of my many other passions, tea! Among the gifts that my very generous aunts left behind (before they went back home to Hong Kong) was rosebud tea. They heard that a lot of celebrities in HK drink the stuff for it’s health benefits and I suppose everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and drink stuff that apparently reduces cancer and cholesterol. I absolutely adore green tea so I thought I would give this stuff a go.

Rosebud pink
So pretty!

I have to admit, I’m not drinking it for health reasons but purely for the curiosity of drinking rosebuds. I felt like some kind of overindulgent princess, shunning regular PG tips for individually picked, pink rose buds. Yeah you definitely can’t dunk any biscuits in this tea…

Rose bud packagin

So what do I think? Well there wasn’t any doubt that these were real dried rose buds. As the box says, it’s definitely a delight for the senses. The heady, floral scent was not unlike pot pourri (make of that, what you will!) and a bit of honey really enhanced the taste…but it’s all a bit weird! I almost swallowed a petal and I didn’t know quite what to do with myself.


I think it would taste a lot better brewed with a bit of green tea, but it’s definitely a unique tea that takes some time getting used to. A part of me feel a bit sorry for the rose bushes though, oh the poor things!