Tie Dye, Pea snacks and Wooly party rings.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the questions in my last post, it was so interesting reading through all your answers. Writing this dissertation has really put a whole new spin on things and made me think a lot more about why I blog. The one thing I love, is that blogging is such an open forum for ideas and creativity. Yeah, feel the love, you guys are awesome.

Anyway, not the most interesting outfit as I have been holed up in the house typing up and reading lots of articles. I did however, have to pop into uni briefly and just chose a really casual outfit, after all, I was only going to the library (yawn!).

Tie dye and stripes

Denim Jacket (ASOS) Dress (French Connection) Tights (Oasis) Shoes (Topshop)
I swear, those Topshop shoes never, ever photograph well but at least it covers up how scuffed they actually are…

Selina from Flying Saucer is a big fan of the lilac Barry M nail polish and as she has mentioned, they are sold out everywhere. However, it is avaliable in the worlds busiest fashion store, Topshop Oxford Circus! Strange huh? So I made sure to stop by the last time I was in London for the blogger meet up. I battled my way through the insanely busy flagship, found the polish and paid asap! It’s such a fun colour and I (very messily) added splodges of blue glitter and gold polish.

Random nails

Even though my family left for Hong Kong about 2 weeks ago now, we’re still chomping through some of the treats they left behind. In the UK, Muji are only just starting to sell a few of their speciality snacks but in Hong Kong, the food selection is huge! My favourite so far is this yummy pea flavoured snack.

Muji pea crisps

I swear they taste just like mushy peas. Yep, it’s a bit weird but yummy also!

As you know I’m a big fan of kitsch. I bought these knitted brooches a few years ago. They’re meant to look like Party Rings but they’re definitely doughnut-like too!

Knitted party rings

So to end, I get a regular newsletter from my favourite local gallery, The Ikon and this fun postcard was part of it and it’s definitely a keeper!

…in a while crocodile!