Calm a Llama down

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s quite nice to be able to write a post that is not so picture heavy. A grand total of just three photos…feels good!

Novica outfit post

I don’t shop in TopShop as much as I used to anymore, but this outfit is a testament to a time when I used to work in my local shopping mall, and spent many a lunch hour perusing TopShop. Yes, all this outfit is TopShop!

This little handmade, silver filigree pendant from Novica comes all the way from the Andes. Novica supports artisans from all around the world and have some lovely jewellery and unique gifts. It originally came on a shorter chain but I replaced it with a longer one so I could layer them with my own jewellery. It’s so intricate and pretty!

Novica pendant
Metal Chain (H&M) Heart Pendant (Novica)
Novica Packaging

I don’t know what’s better but I am a sucker for cute packaging, I love the little llama! I should make it into some kind of brooch and pin it somewhere. It’s far too cute to ignore!