A Whole lotta food…

This post should carry a food warning…do not read if you’re hungry! I feel like such a fatty putting this post together as I realised I have taken few outfits but a whole lotta food pics instead.

red outfitred outfit

Cardi (River Island) Tee (neurotica) Skirt (Miss Selfridge) Belt (New Look) Socks and Shoes (Topshop) Bow (H&M)I followed the rule of taking off an accessory before you leave the house…the bow was a bit too much! I visited one of my favourite restaurants in Birmingham, Mount Fuji for some bento lunch with my friend.


teriyaki chicken bento
green tea latte
green tea latte

A day ago, I went out for a meal for a friend’s birthday. We settled for food at Las Iguanas and I had the Xim Xin which is a Brazilian chicken lime curry…so yummy! I love it when food is presented in unusual ways.


It was my aunts birthday today and I bought some amazing luxury chocolates from Artisan du chocolat at Selfridges! So pretty.

artisan du chocolat

I also chose some bars of chocolate too because we love our unusual food. Matcha (green tea) is green in colour and so yummy. The ginger and lemon grass one is delicious…one which I’ve definitely got to try again.

artisan du chocolat 2

My aunt’s birthday dinner consisted of lots of homemade sushi. We actually made far too much and there is sooooo much left over!


I regret taking out a super long contract on my mobile phone which means I am super bored of it already. So I jumped at the opportunity when I saw some deco stickers and decided to kit out my phone! Yes, it’s super tacky and I now have lots of gems lost on my bedroom floor…but I like it and will keep me amused for a little longer!

deco 1
SDC13927deco 2

I hope this post didn’t leave you guys too hungry. This weekend I will be packing my suitcase in anticipation for Marrakesh on Monday…I must get my list together, I’m so afraid of forgetting to pack something! Hope you have a fab weekend, let me know what you guys have planned!