Vivi Morocco

I very rarely do scheduled posts…but I am in Marrakesh, Morocco and I’m probably drinking lots of mint tea and exploring the souks with my classmates.

So, what better than a post filled with scans of my favourite magazine’s Moroccon editorial? Pretty much perfect I’d say!

Vivi June Cover
Vivi June Morocco Editorial
Vivi June Morocco Editorial 2
Vivi June Morocco Editorial 3
Vivi, June 2010
Vivi July Cover
Vivi July Morocco
Vivi July Morocco 2
Vivi July Morocco 3
Vivi July Morocco 4
Vivi July Morocco 5
Vivi, July 2010

So I’m definitely not casually lounging around in the desert or wearing skinny jeans in the dry heat…but I will definitely be browsing the wares at the markets! I’m back at the weekend so look forward to a post (or two) dedicated to my trip!