Treats and goodies…

My grandparents and aunts from Hong Kong arrived last Wednesday for a 3 week visit and as a result, we’ve been quite busy since then, with various meals to arrange and generally spending as much time as possible with them.

grey outfit

Lace top, skirt, shoes (Topshop) Purple Long Slv (Heattech by Uniqlo), Belt (Vintage)

One of the meals was spent at La Tasca where we feasted on yummy tapas.

Family Visit

A pic of Becky (lil’ sis) and my grandma. Do you guys like my new cardigan? It’s a gift from my aunts. It has printed shoes all over it, so cute!

Grandma, Becky and Me.

My aunts were wearing these watches and I couldn’t help but snap a picture. So adorable!

Marc Jacobs watches

As always, they came bearing gifts of the food variety. It’s no secret that I adore making sushi so they stocked up my supplies with various seasonings!

…and nori shape punchers in the shapes of bunnies and hearts.
Nori shape punchers

They came with armfuls of yummy candy. From super sour lemon, strawberry, red bean, green tea matcha (my personal fave), cola, coffee fudge and milk candy.

Lil’ sis Becky got this awesome Hello Kitty clock.
Hello Kitty clock

My other sis, Hailey and I got a new purse each. They live near a outlet boutique in Hong Kong where often, ex-display designer items/samples are sold at a much lower price and they managed to score these Valentino purses for us. So cute!

Valentino purse

Yesterday we managed to have a BBQ and avoided the downpour later that afternoon. As always, we have our BBQ typically, Chinese style with everyone huddled around and taking care of their own food on individual skewers. We began with frankfurters which are the fastest to cook and especially best if like me, you’ve been hanging around waiting for the BBQ all day!


I can’t believe I’m off to Marrakesh a week today! Cannot wait and really must begin to think about packing!