Back in the day…

Everyone seems to be a fan of old photographs on the blogosphere so here are some that I haven’t managed to share yet!

I unearthed this photo of my mom in Thailand when she was about 18 before she met my dad. I love this, she looks so happy with the elephant who seems to be sitting ever so casually.

Mom in Thailand

Holiday snaps! I remember this ride all too well. I think this was in Torquay and my sister and I (Hailey) used to go on this ride repeatedly- much to the exasperation of my parents. There are many a family video with us going in circles and excitedly waving at our parents in our very high pitched squeaky voices. The water looks a little murky here but I remember the bottom was painted bright blue which made the water seem almost fluorescent! We look so alike in this photo but I’m the one towards the back…with no front teeth.

Fun Boats

Finally a shot of my grandparents, my sister and my dad. I love how I am such a poser in this one.

Childhood Holiday

Both my parents checked out this post over my shoulder, my dad confirmed that the last photo was Torquay (I used to adore the model village!) and my mom recalled how Hailey and I used to be such trouble when we were younger and how as a toddler, I used to sneakily drink all of Hailey’s milk when my parents weren’t looking. Ha!