Shanghai Tang Cafe

One of my aunts who lives in Hong Kong, recently went on a business trip to Shanghai and told me all about this fabulous restaurant that she visited. She loved it so much that she sent me a whole bunch of photos of the restaurant and well, it would be rude not to share them on this blog!

Shanghai Tang 2

I was interested to learn that Shanghai Tang is a luxury brand from China who offer a whole range of products from bespoke tableware to ready to wear garments with the theme of contemporary Chinese design. Similar to Ikea, they took this lifestyle concept and introduced a (separate) resturant, albeit a much more upmarket and luxurious one at that. I’m afraid that at Shanghai Tang Cafe there aren’t any meatballs here (but my, I do love Ikea meatballs!) and is er…much pricier.

Shanghai Tang 1

Love the contrasting colours of the armchairs, though I wouldn’t be too happy if I ended up on a stool instead!

Shanghai Tang 3
Just the plates alone, make me want to visit!
Shanghai Tang 4
Shanghai Tang 6

Clearly for a luxury design brand, presentation is key and as my aunt recalls the food was quite delicious too!

Foie Gras
Foie gras
Salty Egg yolk on tofu
Salted egg yolk on tofu

This one below is probably what made her email me these photos, kitschy cute food is definitely my kind of thing! These swan shaped delights are fantastic, I so want to try!

White turnip with curry
White turnip with curry

Yeah so, who would like to buy me a ticket to Shanghai so I can eat kitschy swan shaped food?