Oh Honey…

So, how about a inspiration food post? There are some rather odd but yummy treats around my house.

The first is a Taiwanese red bean candy. It’s crazily fragrant and the first time I tried it I was overwhelmed by the flavour and it was just like sipping on a big bowl of freshly made, Cantonese sweet soup, red bean dessert (tong sui).

Red bean sweet

Not quite as unusual, Roasted black sesame/honey candy. Not so attractive before a night out though, damn those pesky sesame seeds.

Black Sesame Sweet

This is a Japanese Sweetcorn flavoured white chocolate. It tastes as wierd as it sounds with bits of dried corn in the chocolate. Strangely yummy.

Corn Chocolate

I was having breakfast and I had to snap this , I had never noticed this man with a beard of BEES on this Jar of Honey. It actually freaks me out a little bit. No, scrap that, it freaks me out A LOT. Imagine!

Beard of Bees

Finally, my aunt sent me this photo of some lotus buns but Disneyland Hong Kong style! Lotus buns are completely veggie, but I think that anyone would have a hard time eating adorable chicken little. Hmmm, I would definitely pause for a photo but I would totally eat his glasses first.

Lotus Seed Bun (HK Disneyland)

This blog is definitely a fan of cute food and I need to go to Disneyland in HK just for some kawaii dim sum!