A hidden gem in the city.

It’s such a beautiful day and one of the things that I have been wanting to do for a while is visit my favourite spot on campus but first, an outfit post!

Pink and purple outfit

Cardi (Miss Selfridge) Dress (Island Beverly centre, HK) Necklace (Vintage) Shoes (Topshop)

It’s featured before on this blog but my favourite spot on campus is the idyllic, Winterbourne House which is an Edwardian villa and garden, set on seven acres that was bequeathed to the University of Birmingham after it’s last owner, John MacDonald Nicolson died in 1944. The Botanic Gardens are beautiful and are now primarily used by Botany students and more recently, the house was restored to it’s Edwardian state and open to the public. It’s a stunning, stunning place where I’ve spent a lot of time during my undergraduate degree with my housemates and today, it was the perfect place to kill some time before meeting friends.

Winterbourne: English Gardens
Winterbourne: Alpine house
Winterbourne: Alpine house2
Winterbourne: Alpine house1
Winterbourne: Pretty and peaceful

In the summer months, a gate is unlocked which reveals beautiful bluebell woods and a lake beyond. Unfortunately, the bluebells were wilting but it was still a gorgeous place to wander around.

Winterbourne: Bluebell woods

There was so much vivid pink in bloom in the gardens that my dress fitted in perfectly. This rather blurry photo was taken when I seized the opportunity to balance my camera on an old tree stump!

pink and purple
Winterbourne: Treetops

I adore sitting by the lake and next time, I need to bring a book and just listen to the soft splashing of the water’s edge.

Winterbourne: The lake
Winterbourne: Shades
Sunnies (UO)
Winterbourne: Round the corner
Winterbourne: The view
Every corner you turn is picture perfect.
Winterbourne: Japanese bridge
Winterbourne: Pink FlowersWinterbourne: Memory
Winterbourne: covered passage

It’s a hidden gem for sure and many students have no idea that such a place exists on campus, which is such a shame! I’m really very lucky that I have a place like this and be able to get in free (it’s £3 for non university students/staff). My university is essentially classed as a city uni, as it’s a short bus ride from the city centre but you would never have guessed it from these photographs. I love this place and I wish I had the money to attend a candle lit jazz picnic that is coming up soon!