Done and dusted.

Even though I’ve only been away for a few days, it’s nice to be able to blog and not feel guilty that I am neglecting my revision. My scary exams are finally done and I am but a few months away from completing my masters. I still have a dissertation to write and one more small exam but the majority is done and it’s such an awesome feeling! Anyway here is an outfit post from a little while ago!

Cardi (Oasis) Skirt (River Island dyed blue) Necklaces (Hong Kong and Tiffany)
Shoes (Nine West)

Not too long ago, I was able to swap a whole bunch of empty MAC products for a free lipstick. I chose Russian Red which is a classic matte red.

Russian Red

What’s more is that I was sent the most awesome invite to the Aussie Angels party in Birmingham in a few weeks. After arriving home from the exam, I found a little package waiting for me and I excitedly tore it open, revealling this invite in the form of a message in a bottle! The theme of the party is nautical which is going to be super fun! I’m still not sure whether I can make the event but I have my fingers crossed.

Message in a bottle

Aussie Invite

I also thought it was high time I shared some TopShop press images that came my way during the week. I was sent Kate Moss’s new collection but Kate Moss’s collection has never been to my personal taste but would definitely appeal to Kate Moss fans. However, these two dresses are really quite pretty.

However….the Meadham Kirchhoff collab is really really awesome. Let me share some of my favourites! They are such great, sheer layering pieces, I really love the drape on them. Bit pricey but I can’t wait to see these in person. I adore the first dress with the panel of lace, a lot!

£65 and £80

£60 and £95

(Click on them for bigger images)