gogatsu vivi ♥

I know you guys like my Japanese magazine scans and it’s grown into a regular feature on this blog. These are some of my favourite pages from the May issue. As ever, click on them for the full size pics!

Regular Vivi model, Kiko Mizuhara looks cute in her little dress with the jewelled collar. I so love those Navy Vivienne Westwood winged sandals.

Vivi May Kiko

I am far too short to ever wear maxi dresses and I’ll stick to my skirts and above the knee dresses…but one can dream. I’m not the hugest fan of pale pastels and paisley but it just works on this page!

Vivi May Peace

I need to wear my scarves like this more often. I’ve only ever done it with little scarves, but I will definitely be digging bigger ones out this summer. Time to go and thrift some big vintage silk scarves…

Vivi May headscarf

I’ve always been one for phone charms. My absolute favourite was one with my name and a big hello kitty bell on it which I made in Hong Kong when I was 14, when they were first all the rage in Asia. I know some people who have the craziest phone charms but the Japanese always take it further. Way bigger than the phone in some cases!

Vivi May Phone charms

Miliyah Kato is a bit of a pop-star, fashionista in Japan. Vivi love her and she features in every issue!

Vivi May Milliyah Kato

Anna Sui is huge in Asia, her make up line is quite young but has the cutest packaging, her stores are girly and boutiquey and fun to browse. Over in the UK, she’s only known for her perfume and as far as I recall, I’ve never seen these campaigns in British magazines. The very last page features the SS10 Anna Sui campaign featuring model, Nimue Smit.

Vivi May Anna Sui ad.

Finally, my friend Cait is a huge SATC fan and has entered a competition to go to the London premiere. If you guys have a spare second then please click HERE and then click Allow and vote Cait Spencer. It would be amazing if she won!