Capes, Cows and Coffee.

Seeing as Selina from Flying Saucer and I are both from the Birmingham area, we decided that a shopping trip to the Bullring was in order. I decided to wear this Nasty Gal cape which, until looking at this photo, I never realised looked could look a little like a graduation gown.

Black Cardi
Cardi (Nasty Gal) Tee (Zara) Skirt, Tights, Socks (Topshop) Shoes (UO)

The back of the cape is super cute. I remember that the Nasty Gal model wore it hooded but I soon realised that on me, I looked stupid, like some kind of wierd nun.


So our first port of call was Cow Vintage (Sadly no website that I could find, just a fanpage on facebook). I hadn’t returned for a long time and it has completely changed…for the better!

Cow Vintage

Everything was amazing quality with not a bad bit of vintage on sale. The prices were really decent too, with an amazing £3 sale rail to dresses around £20, with a few no more than £30.

Cow Vintage boomboxCowVintage Pink dress

So many prints and patterns! Alas no photos of me and Selina but if you look hard enough in the photo below, there is a familiar red head with a cute white bow in the background!

CowVintage RailsCowVintage ShoesCowVintage Rails1

This dress was £22. The dress looks OK in this photo but in real life, it didn’t fit that well. Plus, I don’t really have time to alter any dresses at the moment and it wasn’t that painful to put it back on the rail which is always a good sign!


I also tried on these £10 shorts. I loved the pattern and colour but it reminded me far too much of what my mom used to wear on holiday to the beach when I was younger. I couldn’t see myself wearing them so I was awesome and put them back on the rail. I’m definitely going to be making more regular trips back to Cow now that the quality has improved so much!


Selina and I stopped off for some coffee and muffins at Starbucks. I am a sucker for anything cinammon and apple flavoured. Nom nom.


I had a hair appointment half way through our little shop (the fitting room photos were taken before I had my hair cut!) I really love Umberto Giannini in Selfridges. I also have a little points card with my salon and I managed to score an amazing hair treatment.


Apart from my haircut, I got this awesome sheer black blouse at H&M. I love it and will be wearing it a lot during the warmer months as a sheer cardigan or buttoned up like this over quirky t-shirts.

Sheer Blouse

Wierd flash induced lighting…but here is the blouse! Love!