Vivi March Edition ♥

So my dad is back from Hong Kong and he brought me back Vivi magazine along with some other yummy treats (might have to do a post about the other treats later). It’s not that I can’t buy Vivi here…it’s just painfully expensive for someone who no longer has a part time job. I left a few weeks ago because uni work was just taking it’s toll! To be fair, I’m pretty happy about not working as a sales assistant any more…hopefully a job I won’t ever have to step back into again!

The magazine is a fraction of the price in HK, no doubt because it’s a short plane ride over to Japan. Here are some shots I’ve scanned and stitched together! Click them for full sized images!

Vivi March 10

I’m tempted to buy some fun shaped glasses this year. I never bought any last time around. I’m still wanting a pretty lace dress to wear in the lovely summer months. I really hope we get more of a summer here in the UK, everything is so much nicer when the sun is shining and the blue skies are here to stay. It’s been so nice here the last few days, feels as though Spring has well and truly arrived.

Lace and pale denim/blue. That long lace cardigan is awesome.

One of my favourite things about Japanese magazines is the step-by-step make up pages. The Japanese love false eyelashes and obviously Shu Uemura is a prime example! I want to try the little half lashes one day, such a pretty look!


I laughed out loud when I saw this advert for KOSE mascara. I stared, confused at the mascara wand in MatsuJun’s hand, until I saw that the opposite page had a female model with the mascara image below her, and my suspicions were confirmed. I love how in Japan mascara is sold to everyone and even better that one of my favourite Japanese Idols is the face of the brand, disembodied hand and all! So random.


Vivi Magazine
March edition, 2010.