I feel so out of the loop these few days as I have been working hard on an assignment for uni that was due in today. Glad that it’s over but I have more to come! Anyway here is a quick post on some of the treats that my dad brought back from Hong Kong for me.

First up is this lovely, vibrant teal knitted vest. My grandma knitted it for my aunt when she was a teenager about 20 years ago but it was never worn! My grandma doesn’t knit anymore…but when she did, she was AWESOME!


Top (Heattech, Uniqlo) Knitted vest (Knitted by grandma) Skirt (UO) Shoes (Office) Necklace (Vintage)

hairband (Sheena Holland)

Other random treats include a whole bunch of Sushi plates, miso soup bowl and a nori (re-read this and realised I typed ‘nigiri’ before- I obviously have sushi on the brain!) heart shaped puncher. I cannot wait to make some cute bento with this!

It’s nice to know that my aunts check my blog from all the way in Hong Kong to see what I’ve been up to. They said that now I can present my sushi on some awesome sushi plates!

Hello Karen, Esther, Ma ma and yeh yeh.

They also sent over this pretty bangle. I love the colour.

This is where my dads treats come in. He has a sweet tooth and always brings us lots of yummy goodies that you can’t get over here. Some of these are from Hong Kong but included are some special Japanese Sweetcorn sweets too! Sound strange but they are really yummy.


More mochi type sweets. My favourite is the green one filled with peanut butter.


This is made me laugh. My dad isn’t senile yet…but he brought back a bag of plastic fruit for fun. Make of it what you will. I’m still confused.


Finally…after a long day at uni today, I arrived home to my moms home made won ton noodle soup with plenty of chilli oil. Delicious.

Moms Won Ton Soup

P.S. Everytime I post up Japanese magazine pictures, I’m always amazed at the response. I have plenty more pictures to scan in from over the months, so glad that you guys are all fans!