Feeling Dotty…

Oh I cannot wait until Wednesday arrives, the majority of my deadlines will be handed in and I can get back into blogging mode. To be honest, It’s been really getting me down and today was particularly challenging but luckily I have a group of friends who’ve really helped me through it…even if I stayed at uni until 8.30pm! No one ever said studying a Masters degree was easy.

Anyway, enough of my university woes, this was an outfit I wore for dinner out with friends a while ago but I forgot to put up on the blog. I’m a big fan of the colour contrast of the purple and the yellow of the bag.


Coat (UO) Scarf (Hong Kong) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs) Headphones (Audio Chi)

polkadotty brights


Dress (LOVE -avaliable as a Topshop concession) Cardi (Oasis) Shoes (Office)

Thanks for your advice on the sweater dresses in the post below, I think I’ve made my decision and will definitely be treating myself to one of those next week! I mean, how can I resist, they are so cheery and fun!

Have a lovely weekend guys!