Noodles, Pancakes and Fellow Bloggers!

Before I forget to post this all together, I must go back to that lovely week spent in London and a day where I did nothing fashion week related at all. I spent the day catching up with a friend, saw the Ofili exhibition (which was amazing) and then met the awesome bloggers that are Fi and Reena and shared yummy pancakes and a good old chat!

Yes I am short, 4’11” if you must know, but I insist that this photo is a foreshortened view!


Blazer (Zara) Dress (Love concession from Topshop) Grey Heattech top (Uniqlo) Shoes (Converse) Scarf (gift) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
My friend Claire took the photo and she looked great that day. Her style has been changing a lot ever since she returned from her year teaching in China and it’s fun watching her style evolve. It’s definitely something that I’ve seen in myself when I look back at my old posts (cringe!).

Coat (Daks) Jumpsuit (Miss Selfridge) Shoes (Topshop)

We stopped for some Korean food in China town where I told her that she must watch my favourite Korean drama (so far) called My Girl. It’s actually brilliant. My dish was a chilli octopus noodle which got more and more firey with every bite! I might have to choose something a little milder next time, I am clearly not made of the same stuff as part of my family. I have two aunts who eat chillis like they are sweets.


A few hours later I met up with the gorgeous Fi from SOS Save Our Shoes. I feel as though we are already old friends and we get on like a house on fire. It goes to show that through blogs you can make some awesome friends. One funny anecdote was when we decided to walk to Covent Garden…only for her to tell me that I was taking her via a whole new route and was very impressed. I was stunned and I had to break the news that in fact, I was following her which was hilarious. We were momentarily lost (in the right direction mind!) but we were soon back on track!

We eventually met up with Reena from Fashion Daydreams and after walking around in the cold for ages, we found this awesome pancake house, My Old Dutch just down from the the tube at Holborn. For future reference, on Mondays, all pancakes are £5!


The pancakes are huge but luckily I had Fi to help me finish my apple and cinnamon pancake! She could hardly refuse right? Yum!


The lovely Fi herself, I love her Wonderwoman tee! You have to check out SOS for her Luella purchase. It’s gorgeous and well worth a look! On the topic of Luella purchases, Fab Frocks has also been lucky in finding a bit of Luella for herself too!


Reena is also gorgeous in person. I need to see these two girls more often!


One of the best things about my time in London was meeting all the bloggers. Every time I meet them, I feel as though I’ve known them a lifetime already. Probably because they’re already a part of your daily life when reading their blogs and honestly all the bloggers I have ever met are the warmest and friendliest people ever!