Lazy Oaf and all that Jazz.

I’ve never actually bought anything from Lazy Oaf before but whenever I’m in London and around Carnaby St, I always stop by and check out their fun printed tees. I saw these sweater dresses on their website and I really want one. Bit of a dilemma though because I love both and my lowly student funds only stretch to one! I’m swayed more towards the sailor one, what do you guys think?

I’m also itching to read this book (once I’ve handed in my assignments) that was sent to me by the lovely people over at Aussie which was sort of part of the competition that I won with them ages ago (I went to Jasper Garvida and Betty Jackson through this competition). They took note of me mentioning it way back in December and I got a wonderful surprise in the post! Kind of shocked that they actually read my blog and did their research. Honestly, they are the nicest people ever.


To cheer me on from the dreaded work, I opened an email which made me smile, the amazing Jazz from Jazz Loves You More sent me another illustration! I loved the last one (see the side bar) and this one I love too!
Thanks Jazz! I might have to use this one in a future header!