The post title pretty much explains it all really! So here goes…I really love candid, backstage shots at shows. These are from the recent Giles Show in Paris.

Deacon models (New Look Photos)

The bags were awesome.

Deacon googly gonk (New Look Photos)

I can’t decide which one I love more, the fluffy ‘Googly Gonk’ or this Gremlin one below!

Deacon gremlin  (New Look Photos)
Pics courtesy of New Look

New Look (Giles Deacon has produced the in-store range, GOLD for the past few years now) have a YouTube video on the event and Susie makes an appearance too.

My mom had these knits on the bannister to show a friend my grandma’s handiwork. I thought the colours looked great together…despite having poor light for photos!


Some of you might have seen this if you follow me on Twitter. I was searching for books at uni and came across this title. I love it.

Pantaloons and Power

I was a bit naughty and I’ve given into the hype and bought Chanel’s Particulière. I am loving all these neutral, nudey hues at the moment.


Though, I must save the best till last, this is my favourite photo at the moment and is of my friend Hannah. Such a gorgeous photo!


Have a great weekend guys!