The Big Red Bow.

I love these flats that I ‘just had to buy’ after a painful first day walking around the cobbles of LFW a few weeks ago. They are a combination of things I love, bows and the colour red. I don’t actually wear red as much as I’d like and I usually stick to accessories. I do, however, keep dropping hints to my 12 yr old sister to knit me a red scarf, before her obsession with knitting comes to an end and she moves on to things like make up (she’s growing up too fast!). I’ve always been on the lookout for a really good red lipstick. Red is a tricky shade though and I would always go for a pillar box red over orange hues any day.

Bow and Lace
Lace Top, Vest, Belt (New Look) Skirt and tights (Oasis) Shoes (TopShop)
Big Bow

Rings (Accessorize, Alexander McQueen and Topshop) Nail Polish, Unnamed Beigey pink shade (Models Own)

Big Bow2

I’m kind of surprised how much of my outfit is from New Look. I’ve got to hand it to them, before I rarely went to New Look and if I did, it was only ever for their shoes. They’ve really impressed me lately and I’ve made sure to pop into the store to see what’s new. Plus, compared to a lot of other brands, they’ve been fantastic with their blogger outreach.
I know I’ve been posting a lot of random pictures these days but hey, it keeps me inspired especially when I’ve got a crazy amount of uni work to do and outfit posts aren’t always priority. Anyway, this Green Tea has been helping me through the workload. My dad replenished our dwindling supplies of Green tea which was a gift from when my relatives last visited. Japanese Green tea is a favourite in my house and this brand made me smile! I mean, check out the description, so cute and I definitely need to take heed of the recommendation and bring it along to a picnic! I’m sure a mass picnic with student friends post coursework deadlines would be easy enough to organise!


Finally, I forgot to post this beauty scan with my last Vivi post. This is the gorgeous Wantanabe Chikako who unlike the majority of the models in Vivi, is full Japanese. The coloured contact lenses, wigs and make up really do make her look as if she’s half Japanese. I scanned this in because it was nice to see her before the make up and then post make up. She’s stunning either way…but It would be nice to see her a little more au naturale one day!


Click for a bigger pic!

Magazines like Vivi always make me want to dye my hair a lighter shade. However the memories of roots and streaky hair from when I used to dye it when I was about 15 still haunts me. I can’t bring myself to do it again. I should buy a wig like the Vivi girls haha. Isn’t it strange to think that in Japan, wigs are so normal?