All things Sweet.

I finally got round to watching Alice In Wonderland today. I thought that the movie itself was so-so but I absolutely adored the costume and the visuals- in that respect, Tim Burton did not disappoint! I also had to balance a pair of 3D specs on top of my normal glasses which was interesting. Perhaps it’s high time I gave contact lenses another go- but they just don’t like me!


I’m not particularly excited about all the pastels that are in stores at the moment. It’s not to say that I don’t wear pastels, because I do, but seeing ALL the marshmallow shades all together (aka in TopShop) doesn’t inspire me and is a bit too sickly. Then again, in a few months time when barely any pastels are in sight, I’ll be wishing they were around again.

Still, here is an outfit with a few pastels but less of the the cotton candy tones.

Pastel Layers

Cardi, jeggings, cropped top (Topshop) Grey dress (River Island) Shoes (Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruk) Bow (Internationale) Necklace (Hong Kong)

However, come to think of it, perhaps my aversion is due to eating too many strawberries with melted chocolate. Possibly the best dessert ever- aside from my favourite Black Sesame ice cream which can only be found in Asia. On that note, I am hoping to fly back out to Hong Kong in October with my sister! Excited, fingers crossed it all goes ahead!

Strawberries and Chocolate

So to finish off, this follows on from the last post, I’m still obsessed with all the wig-wearing Japanese girls and I came across this Japanese Wig Video which unfortunately I can’t embed, but from what I gather, it’s a Japanese daytime program and in this particular segment they stop a bunch of random girls and ask if they’re wearing wigs. Yes it’s all in Japanese and I can’t understand them either but that doesn’t take anything away from the video and the pure entertainment!

It’s BRILLIANT and you’ll laugh at the girls that show the camera just how many wigs they’re wearing (esp the girl at 3:37!). If you ever wondered how on earth the girls have perfect fringes/bangs now you know!