London on a Sunday

I don’t know how bloggers have the time to blog straight after shows and I am already a day behind. I have so much to tell! Firstly Aussie were awesome and helped me out in obtaining a ticket for one of the shows from the main schedule. I was in complete awe that I got to attend a show in the BFC tent in Somerset House. So it was an early morning call for the Betty Jackson show but it was well worth it. The house was packed and there were plenty of bloggers about- none of which I recognised…but saw that the girl standing in line next to me was reading her twitter and followed my lovely friends Fi and LJ over at SOS Save Our Shoes.

The show was pretty good and actually standing tickets were great. Especially as I am so short, I wouldn’t have seen a thing sitting down. As you can see from my photos, it was classic Betty with some muted Autumn colours such as gold, greens and rusty oranges.


Sorry my photos are so blurry, unfortunately I can’t afford a Dslr…one day! Blurryness aside, I really loved this little number with the detailed cardigan and the dusky pink blouse and Hareem-like trousers.


More gold/bronze looks.


The underwear as outerwear was in full force and it goes to show how something that was seen as radical last year has made it into the collection of such a classic designer.


I thoroughly enjoyed the show and felt so priviledged just to be there!


After the show, Somerset house seemed almost deserted. The heavens opened and the rain just kept on coming.


I retreated into the nearest Starbucks for a Mocha, pain au chocolat and a tweet until the rain subsided enough for me to head over to the tube.


I waited at Green Park for my friend and played with my camera. These were the shoes that I bought on Saturday because heels and cobbles at Somerset house do not go. Some people are so dedicated but no more heels for me.


As a treat from Aussie, they booked a table for two in the posh Automat in Mayfair for brunch! Rachael and I feasted on posh food and looked on in envy as priviledged 6yr olds had a birthday party in there. As Rach handed over my copy of the FW Daily paper, I spilt my orange juice and I’m pretty sure I splashed the lady next to me. Oops. See, there is a reason why I don’t spend time in these places. I am such a clutz.



I was sad to see that DSM was shut on a Sunday but I will return one day and take a closer look at the beautiful but unafforable clothing.


We headed back to Covent garden and went back to the lovely Primrose Bakery that Selina, KB and I went to the last time we were in London. We had some more pretty cupcakes courtesy of Aussie. Yum.


We stopped in Urban Outfitters and took photos of ourselves in the silly geek glasses. I actually need glasses…but wish I had some cool fifties style ones!

SDC120751 SDC12073

The last thing of the day was the Emma Cook film presentation. It was only a very short film and there were not very many friendly bloggers there. A smile or two would have been nice! I attempted small talk but was not successful. Emma’s film presented lots of furry hats, boots and pretty prints.


Definitely TopShop worthy. I do love a good black and white print and this horse one is perfect.


As I was heading out of the venue, I crosssed paths with Hilary Alexander on the way out…kind of wish I had stayed and attempted to crash the show that she was going to. Though we all know the backlash that bloggers have been getting over the last few days concerning LFW. I hate to see all bloggers stereotyped as freebie loving, arrogant, attention seeking wannabes who feel that they have a right to be at shows. We’re not all like that around here!