Burberry Prorsum AW10

I am now back in the Midlands and away from the fashion capital that is London. I’m a little sad to see the end of my time at LFW but it’s been a good un’.

Early Tuesday morning, I checked my emails to discover an email from Burberry asking me to pick up my ticket at HQ! After staring at the screen wondering if it was all a big hoax, I gathered up my things and hot footed it out of my friends flat in North London and navigated my way the Burberry HQ. After feeling pretty proud that I didn’t get lost finding the building, I was greeted with a humungus image of Emma Watson and then presented with a visitors pass. I had no idea they were taking a photo of me…so excuse the funny face and my specs! Ha.


A very gorgeous Jamie from the marketing dept handed me my invite which was a bit posh! Inside was a little metal card which was my invite. It is actually amazing and I couldn’t believe this invite was in my hands. Madness.


Even crazier is the fact it was a seated ticket!

I walked past the Burberry tent which was still being set up. I also happened to walk past Christopher Bailey on my way…no I didn’t stop to chat, I couldn’t think of what to say!


After hopping on the tube I met up with Fiona from SOS Save Our Shoes again and we made it to Topshop and had a good old chat with Disney Roller Girl and Oh Elle who are absolutely lovely. Coco’s Tea Party was also there but unfortunately I didn’t get to say hi. The event was really for people who were interested in starting blogs so we didn’t have many questions to ask. It was just nice to meet them in person and discuss the hot topic of the bad press that bloggers are getting. It’s a subject that I am a little fed up with at the moment. I’m sure things will blow over soon.

Soon it was time for me to hit the Burberry Tent. It was the wierdest experience ever. Upon arrival, there were a line of guys with Burberry umbrellas, there to escort the guests inside the tent. I didn’t know whether to make chit chat but I ended up pretending he wasn’t there. Aha.


Once inside, I was seated next to Oh Elle who had made it over from the blogging workshop and also Liberty London Girl. It was so nice to meet her in real life, she is very lovely and actually knew who I was! If you read my tweets leading up to the show (before my phone died) then you would have read that rain was projected onto the walls and sounds of thunder and lightning was all around. So atmospheric!

Yes, it was a star studded event which made me feel a little strange to be at the show. We spotted Philip Green making chit chat with Anna Wintour. Hmmm what about I wonder?


MK, Kate Hudson, Kristen Stewart and Claire Danes (madness right?)

Now on to the most important part. The collection itself. Christopher Bailey sent some stunning coats and jackets down the runway. I am in love with the big woolly collars.


I loved the cut of this yellow cropped jacket which has a boxy geometric look in the way it hangs off the body.

It wouldn’t be Burberry without a bit of killer tailoring.

Cropped jackets are usually chilly affairs but this one looked as if it would keep you warm! The lace detail is gorgeous and was one of many textures that were seen coming down the runway.


The colours on the runway were rich, jewelled colours which are always a favourite with AW. The gorgeous crushed velvet number below was stunning as it come down the runway, especially as the light hit the fabric.


This was my favourite jacket. I’ve included the Style photo for a more detailed photo. It’s such a tough looking jacket which was especially beautiful with the blue velvet skirt. I liked how the shades of blue velvet brought out the grey tones in the black jacket.


These are other looks that I loved which I didn’t manage to get clear images of. Thank goodness for Style! I love the soft layering on the left and the woolly, shearling (aka sheepskin) detail on the lower half of the coat on the right. Bailey’s theme of uniform and cadet girls quite eminent in these looks. Check out those Python boots!

Lots more shearling was seen on the runway in soft colours of Chocolate, soft grey, charcoal, cranberry and cream. Hmm Cranberries and Cream? Now I’m hungry.


I adore this beauitful shade and check out that collar. Snuggly.

It was an incredible show and I can’t believe I was there!

I couldn’t see the shoes from where I was sitting (apart from shots on the screens on either side of the runway which was a clever idea) These were my favourite shoes which graced the runway that afternoon. Buckles and shearling lined make a great combo.

All detail shots from Style.com

I bumped very briefly into Susie as I was leaving who always looks fabulous in real life and on her blog. Aindrea from Fashionista Du Jour made excellent company on the way home too. We couldn’t stop grinning in disbelief that we were actually at the show. I had such a great time at my first ever fashion week. I didn’t go to many shows unlike some bloggers but what a show to end it on.

Thank you Burberry for inviting me and making my year!