Knitted Goodies

I have such a backlog of outfit posts so I might as well group these two together! I really love this knitted skirt that my sister bought for my birthday last year. It’s recycled from an old 80s jumper and so it’s super warm, I love the pattern!


Tee (Topshop) Cardi (Topshop) Belt (UO) Skirt (Pop Boutique) Tights (House of Holland) Shoes (Topshop)

I snapped these pics last night (which explains the poor lighting) when my 12yr old sister finished knitting her scarf. I actually want to steal it because it’s so awesome. It’s a normal scarf but I doubled it over and wore it like a cowl scarf in these pics. Oh I need this scarf in my life. For once I want to borrow her things, rather than the other way round!


Cardi (Topshop) Grey long sleeve top (Heattech by Uniqlo) Dress (Primark) Belt (Accessorize) Tights (Miss Selfridge)


I’m going to make her knit me a red one because, 12yr olds have nothing better to do these days apart from playing on their Nintendo DS’s, watch TV and chat to their friends about popstars. OK, I’m jealous, I miss those days.