Happy New Year!

Bit late in the game compared to other more punctual bloggers but this is the first post of 2010!

I hate to go slightly back into 2009…but I managed to snap these before the rain washed all the snow away. I’m already looking forward to the inevitable snow in February, unlike my parents who sigh at the frosty car armed with de-icer and my insistence of walking around the garden making the first imprints on the freshly fallen snow. So satisfying! I saw images of this Totoro Snowman and I want to do the same! Possibly the best Snowman I’ve ever seen. More snow please!

Anyway before I get carried away with snowmen, I bought these trainer-heeled-boots from New Look and I looove them. They’re so comfy!


Cardi (Handmedown from grandma) Scarf (gift) Jeggings (UO) Boots (New Look)

I really can’t believe the holidays are over already. My main aim for this year is to complete this masters. I will! I will! My timetable for my second semester at Uni has been printed out and highlighted and revision notes at the ready for my forthcoming exams. 2010 bring it on!

I also realised that it’s my blogs birthday this month! This little blog has been running for 2 years and most definitely has reached toddler stage. I can’t quite believe it as I have always been terrible at keeping diaries. Thank you all for reading my random posts and keeping me inspired.

I really do hope that 2010 is awesome for each and every one of you!

Happy New Year!