Green and Blue

So after the exams, a bit of retail therapy was in order seeing as I had been cooped up at home for goodness knows how long, with only ASOS to turn to. I love ordering things online, anticipating the package but more often than not, having to sign for my things when I’m very bleary eyed in the morning. Yeah no one wants to see that. Poor postie.

However, nothing can beat the physical experience of going shopping and I did just that. Unfortunately I live near a big city, and even sillier, I chose to shop on a Saturday where the queue to go to the upper levels of the mall were 30 people long. Seriously. This is why I usually avoid Saturdays like the plague but the intense relief of exams drove me to it. I’d like to say never again….but I never learn.


So this is what I wore yesterday! So what’s new? My circle scarf which I scored for a mere £2 from a store called Select, which is a value fashion brand that I’ve never been into. Sometimes you spot some great things from shops that you usually deem as ‘tacky’ and I’m glad I found this scarf which is far cheaper than AA.


I also got the Purple knitted Jumper dress from River Island and the tights from Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge are doing a really great range of patterned tights at the moment and I want so many more of their pretty patterned tights! I also got that cute TOPSHOP coral heart cardigan from the post below so I will be sure to snap a few photos of it later!


Finally, I’ve got to show you this pretty ring that I picked up before Christmas at the German Market in Birmingham. Lovely!


The two little elephants are made from some kind of stone, I used to admire them when they were in my grandad’s cabinet and my grandmother let me have them several years ago. I think they’re jade but I can’t be sure. They’ve always reminded me of the ivory elephants from one of my favourite films as a child, The Secret Garden Oh I want to watch it again now!