Busy busy…

So like I mentioned in a couple of posts ago, here are some snaps of Japanese magazines, KERA and PINKY! First up is PINKY which is your typical Japanese fashion magazine, suitably girly and on trend…


Japanese Idols are a regular feature. On the right is actor, Toma Ikuta who is hilarious in Hana Kimi – if you’ve never watched a Japanese drama before (subtitled of course) and you’re a fan of She’s the man or ridiculous comedies then watch watch watch! Funniest drama ever. On the left is the insanely popular actor/singer Yamapi. He’s in Japanese boyband NEWS, I’ve linked this video before but the dance moves never fail to make me laugh.

So moving on, KERA is a completely different magazine and for a younger reader. I’m glad to pick up this copy which was discounted because it’s a super old issue. It’s a mixture of Lolita fashion…

The speech bubble says “I’m going to stroll in the forest”…if only!
And fruits style….

I’ve come to realise that the Japanese always have perfect hair because they love wearing wigs! Sometimes looking at street style, I am amazed at impossibly shiny and perfect bobs. Now I know…and of course, in KERA, the pink lolita hair is a dead giveaway.


My wish for snow in the previous post has been fulfilled and the UK has been getting plenty of it with more to come! I attempted to make a Totoro but I left it too late! The snow the next morning was too powdery to make a proper snowman but I managed to make this Totoro-cat -owl like creature out of the pitiful mound of snow I managed to gather. My parents couldn’t understand why my sister and I couldn’t make normal snowmen like all the other kids…


I have been crazy busy with lots of studying for my impending exams. So things will be a little quieter round here until I finally get them done and dusted and out of the way by next Friday. Seriously, I can’t wait till that day comes when I can give up the late night coffees and making endless notes. Not cool!