Banana Shampoo and Beards.

A lot of companies send hoards of emails to bloggers with their random and quite bizarre freebies…it’s a definite sign that they haven’t read your blog when you start getting emails about sports bras, diamonds and left-handed men’s boxer shorts hitting your inbox. Ahem, I DON’T know why that last email found it’s way to my inbox but it did, and er….if you’re interested, I recall them being sold at Debenhams. Though, if you think that’s strange, wait till you scroll down to the bottom of this post!

So while I don’t mention beauty products that often, obviously I do use them and when the Body Shop informed me that they were relaunching a limited edition run of their favourite products from the 80s, I jumped at the chance at trying out their banana shampoo and conditioner. Even more amazingly, they sent me a whole lot of samples to which I (and my sisters) are very grateful for. The 80s range is currently on offer and I would definitely recommend giving the shampoos a go. They’re all yummy and my favourite was actually their LOVE perfume which they sent as an extra little post-xmas gift. It’s a permanent product and It’s been my go-to scent since I recieved it!

I should be tucked up in bed now but I was trawling through last years Japan fashion week (SS10) and came across my old favourites, ‘The dress and co’ by Hideaki Sakaguchi. Gorgeous soft layers and muted pastels. I love the look of those leggings that are just about peeking out under the romantic ruffles of the dress.

Pretty colours from Koshino Yuma, retro but with a good pinch of quirkiness too.

However, no amount of quirkiness could have prepared me for these bad boys. It brought a huge smile to my face and the images made me desperately want to know what went through the model’s minds when they first saw their dresses/togas/blankets/beards and cardboard tubes.

I love fashion. Haha!

Japan Fashion Week Organisation