Oooh la la. Paris for a day!

Oooh it’s been a long week without any posts but here is a nice juicy, picture heavy one to make up for it!

Unfortunately I was unable to make the London press event for SS10 for New Look but, even better, I was very VERY lucky to be invited by New Look to the press day in Paris along with Selina from Flying Saucer Even though we are both from Birmingham, it was awesome to finally meet her in London, hop onto the Eurostar and browse the wonderful collection from New Look.

So, 2 hours after leaving Kings Cross, St Pancras we were in the heart of Paris! It was very surreal walking out into a bustling Paris, hearing the babble of French and amazing architecture.We hopped into a cab…and went on on our way to the Press event in the beautiful Parisian district, the Marais. It’s a lovely part of Paris and a place where I hold fond memories from my last trip to Paris with my History of Art buddies.

…and so we arrived and this was the lovely sight before us!

I’ve always thought that when brands display their clothes this way at press events, it gives you a different perspective, and is definitely a world away from the bustling crowds at your local store.

There were embellishments galore…

And…I’m sure you all recognise Selina! She is super lovely and I am a little bit in love with her gorgeous coat. It was great hearing about her Swedish experience in person too and discussing how we seemed to be the only two bloggers who were Birmingham based. It was strange because after reading someones blog for so long, It felt like we were old friends!

One of the collections I really adored was called Cowboy Crinoline and consisted of lovely Spring denim, blues, delicate lace and Broderie Anglaise. I was lusting after this lace vest…which I NEED in my life! These vests have been a regular feature in the only magazine I buy nowadays, Japanese Vivi magazine. I am definitely going to be snapping this up when it hits stores. It’s so pretty and a great layering piece for sure. Of course with Spring/Summer come the obligatory shades of pastel…

I could not help but LOVE this collection which was aptly named Cupcake. Hello Obsession. Cakey colours, stripes, polka dots, a little bit of Luella influence (forget that, a LOT of Luella influence) in the heart shaped cut out details. Yum.

There was a little bit of tough thrown into the mix too…but it was vastly outweighed by the girly chic. One thing was for sure, studs will still be a popular hit on the highstreet. I love the combination of tough and girly so this is definitely a plus in my books.Girls who love their shoes and accessories would have found heaven in one of the rooms upstairs. If I had a walk in wardrobe for shoes and accessories…it would look like this!

This ring reminds me of a ring my mother gave to me when I was younger. Her one was Silver but it is sadly lost now and I must make a mental note to only ever give away jewellery to future kids (scary scary) when they are old enough to truely appreciate them!

We also got a sneak peak at the kids/teen range too. This is great because being petite, I can still fit into some kid’s clothes/shoes which means it’s cheaper too!

A big bow made of lace…clearly this is a winner!

I wish I dressed this cool when I was 13.

Gingham, pinks and white made me crave for sunnier climes instead what do I get today? A blanket of fog all over Birmingham.

After having a lot of fun at the press event, Selina and I had lunch with the French New Look team and some awesome French/Belgium bloggers! I met Geraldine of Punky B, Kenza, Klodia, Marie from Be Snob and the lovely Typhaine from Cookies. I love Typhaine’s photography, very beautiful and she is so sweet too. Apparently there’s talk of them coming over to London at some point so I hope to meet them all again one day! I now have a much bigger reading list than before. This reminds me, I MUST clear Google reader and start over soon…

To finish off we stopped by Les Halles to check out the French New Look flagship. I’m not really sure of the history behind the brand name but surely it relates back to Dior’s infamous ‘New Look’ collection which debuted in Paris in 1947?

Outside the shopping centre which housed New Look, were some lovely architecture and the stunning Saint-Eustache church. I instantly forgot all my art history and cooed at the ‘heart shaped’ windows. Sometimes pretty is enough…no need to talk about Gothic architecture.

So to end the post, I had a brilliant time. A huge thank you to the lovely team for whisking us away to Paris, especially Brooke and Cat!

Update>>> A friend told me that my page wasn’t loading up properly (thanks Carly!) and I spent the last half hour deciphering the alien language that is html. I have no idea what I did but all seems to be working now! Phew!