Major Cringe-factor.

OK guys, if you’re interested here is a link to a very cringe-worthy video I did for New Look’s Style wars in Paris Last week, which also features Selina, Typhaine and Punky B. I’m really quite thankful that it was last week and that I am not part of this Eurostar madness! I wasn’t too sure whether to include the video because It’s a bit weird and is a first for this blog because it means you guys can finally put a voice to a face. The low camera angle also freaks me out. Haha. Cringe cringe cringe!

The filming itself was crazy, we had to re-shoot many elements of the style wars (lots of running away and then back again) and we literally only had 5 mins to dash off and grab our things. Due to time restraints, the outfit I ended up wearing was the first outfit I tried on. Usually, I am so picky with clothes so it’s a strange situation to be in. Having to choose an outfit in 5 mins is completely unnatural and not wholly representative of what we would have chosen in our own shopping time. Would I have really put together an outfit like this? I’m not so sure, but it was a lot of fun to film…embarrassing too with all the Parisian shoppers lurking behind the camera and wondering who we were. Makes me nervous just thinking about it again!

Typhaine did an awesome job and I am so glad I was competing against her! The French are definitely very chic! I personally love French style and cringe a little when I say that the British have the edge over the French, but we both had to say it for a bit of added competition for the cameras! It was funny being involved in the British/French style wars because I would never have said that my style was typically British, seeing as all I do these days is pour over DropSnap or flick through my Japanese magazines…So I’m interested to find out…

What is typical British style to you guys?