I say this every year but Christmas always goes by so quickly. I love seeing all my family and stuffing myself with Christmas treats! We always have a traditional Turkey dinner with my uncle and aunt on Christmas day. We usually have loads of turkey left over and my mom always makes turkey fried rice or turkey curry which gets incredibly boring. Luckily our turkey was much smaller and we may not be subjected to as much Christmas left overs!


On Boxing day, my parents invited a whole bunch of friends and family over and we had the best hot pot on record! My dad made yummy prawn won tons and I had all my favourite hot pot ingredients including salmon, tofu skin and my dad’s special satay sauce (a closely guarded secret). Hot pot as you can see, is essentially the opposite of a BBQ and is more like a fondue. Everything is cooked in a broth and then dipped into Soy/Satay/Chilli sauce. Yum yum! Hot pot seems to be tradition for almost all Chinese families during festivities (be it Christmas or New Year) along with Lobster and suckling pig…


Is it bad that even though I have eaten so much over Christmas, that these photos are making me hungry again? Ahhh…roll on the diet.

For Christmas, I asked for some swanky new headphones and I got these Audio Chi ones which are amazing and make so much difference in comparison to earphones. The fashionable headphones aren’t compromised by sound quality either, they are so awesome!



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Another year to go until we do it all over again!