Like many bloggers, I am a frequent visitor of Drop Snap. Here are a couple of images that I’ve saved in my inspiration folder!

Captivated by the red tights…This one is my favourite, it’s as if she is straight out of an anime!Source: Drop Snap

Also, regarding the Aussie competition. I’ve no idea what the results are yet and let me tell you, there is some pretty tough competition! So with the small possiblity of winning a prize, I asked for readers to submit an entry. I only got one…but it was from the gorgeous Kira from Kira Fashion! She looks sooo happy in her Uggs! Brazil must be a little hot for them right? I love the how happy she is in this photo.

Kira is one of the sweetest bloggers out there and chances are you already know who she is. If not…go and check out her blog! I will let you all know how the Aussie Angels competition goes and update you all in due course. Fingers crossed!

I also have a group presentation on Monday and without realising, volunteered myself to discuss a large section of the presentation. I’ve always hated public speaking and the thought of presenting in front of 80 students terrifies me. I contemplated swapping with my friend but I’m going to bite the bullet and just get on with it. I’ll never learn otherwise right? Wish me luck for that too! I am going to make sure I have a good nights sleep…any more recommendations to calm the nerves?