Birthday part 2!

I’ve done so much over my birthday that this is just part two of my birthday posts! On Tuesday I went out with my friends to party to cheesy 90s pop…and this is what I chose to wear but I did change into oxfords instead of these boots in the end.

Tie Dye Tee (French Connection) Belt (Topshop) Shoes (Blowfish)

I love this over sized tee which is long enough to wear as a dress. I love how the Tye dye looks like lightning and a bit stormy!

Our journey to the club was funny because our taxi driver attempted to drive me and my sister, Hailey to Subway for sandwiches…rather than Subway city the club! However, after we pointed him in the correct direction, I met my friends and we headed on over to the pub!

Here is a picture of Hannah, me and my sister. I don’t have any normal photos of Hannah on my camera. All she ever does is pull silly faces. I’m sure you all have friends like her haha!

We celebrated my birthday with shots at midnight. Yum…apple sours!

We later headed over to the club and danced the night away! Unfortunately there was a distinct lack of 90s music for a 90s themed night. Even so, I was happy because at least I got to dance to Hanson, Reef and a bit of The Libertines!

I look so pink in this photo compared to everyone else. Alcohol goes straight to my face…it’s a constant source of amusement for my friends!

I had so much fun. I’ll post the last set of photos a little later!