This calls for Jazz hands!

The other day I came home to an amazing surprise gift! The lovely people over at New Look (thank you Helen!) sent me their limited edition gold, sequined cardigan. I posted about it a month or so ago, when I received their AW press release and cooed over this glitzy number and even tried it on in store. I couldn’t believe my luck when I opened the package.

Dress (Hong Kong), Knee socks (emilio cavalli) Shoes (Topshop) Necklace (Vintage)

Of course I took the opportunity to take a few photos to show off the sparkly sequined number. It’s so lovely and I am desperate to wear it on a night out. It’s a bit too glitzy for uni…but I might just wear it anyway!
Hope you all have a lovely Halloween whatever you may be getting up to. What are you all dressing up as this year? Unfortunately I’m not going to any parties tonight…however, It’s my birthday next week and I have a week of fun planned ranging from 90s clubbing, good food to fireworks. Something I’m definitely in need of regardless of whether it’s my birthday or not!

I stole this pic from my friend, Rachel’s facebook page. She’s appeared on my blog before here and here, Check out her EPIC pumpkin. She’s a talented so and so!

Before I forget, my friend, Laura has just started her own blog, Snapping Heartstrings Go and check it out and spread the love!