Pokemon curry and Lace dresses.

I went to the SHOWStudio exhibition on Friday which I will be spending the next couple of days writing up my thoughts and hopefully provide some kind of virtual tour for those who can’t make the exhibition. If one thing has to be said then it would be that this exhibition is particularly relevant to us bloggers. It’s incredibly current and it was definitely worth visiting.

I hate to leave you guys on that note and anticipating another mammoth post (It’s going to be even longer than the Chalayan review I posted a few months ago) but this is what I got up to after the exhibition…

I went to the Japan Centre to pick up a magazine and could not help but buy some yummy goodies. I initially bought the character bun (filled with red bean paste) and a yummy chicken onigiri but saw that the guy in front of me was stocking up on these cute packets of Pokemon curry. I couldn’t resist and had to buy myself a packet too. I can’t wait to try it!My friend and I attempted to go to the pop up Central Perk coffee shop on Carnaby Street. We were horrified at the humungus queue that stretched around the corner. We ended up going to a little independent coffee shop which was probably much nicer.

I made a pitt stop in Topshop and bought this blue lace dress. It’s so pretty and while I love the one I dyed myself, I loved this navy one too and whipped out my student card to claim my discount!

Right…gotta study and then will be writing up the SHOWStudio post!