A little stressed.

I realised yesterday, that Topshop was not the best place to go when feeling stressed as it was half term break and sale had launched. I avoided the sale and went upstairs and spotted an over sized t-shirt with a NYC skyline print on it and a cardigan by concession brand, Yuki.

Unfortunately I bought neither, especially as the cardi was priced at £59 and I didn’t love it THAT much to hand over the cash…maybe when I’m a little less poor!

Chongqing IV (Sunday Picnic), Chromogenic Colour print, 2006.

Today, I came across some beautiful photographs for the Prix Pictet award. The award is unique because it focuses on photography and issues regarding sustainability. This years theme was based on impurity, excess, contamination, absence, control and was based on water related themes. The winner was Nadav Kander whose subject was based on the two China’s, the ancient one that relied on the old waterways and the new transition of the country’s rapidly expanding industry. His series entitled ‘Yangtze, The Long River’ is beautiful but also sad and depicts the country at a crossroads.

The full series can be found here and it really is quite thought provoking work. His work is mesmerising and while you’re on his website, check out the other series, in particular ‘Chernobyl, Half Life’.

I’m ill and ended up having to miss the trip to the lake district. A bit stressed out about it but never mind.