Let’s Catch up!

So as you all have probably gathered, life is pretty hectic around here. What with uni work and my grandparents and aunts from Hong Kong visiting. They have safely returned back to HK this morning and fingers crossed I get to see them sometime next year post masters! I am desperate to use my HK ID card which allows me to get into HK without a passport but instead just my finger print! High tech yeah!

Anyway, here is a brief catch up of some of the things that I have been up to!

At the beginning of October it was Mid Autumn Festival and Becky my youngest sister was given this plastic hello kitty lantern. It definitely wasn’t quite the same as the lanterns I used to play with when I was younger!

We had a BBQ and done in the fashion that it has always been done in our family…Chinese style with everyone’s food (or rather, meat) on skewers. It’s definitely much more fun this way.

For all you veggies…I love sweet potatoes cooked this way!

One evening I made a humungus selection of Sushi.

A random outfit post! I have been taking outfit photos but most of mine are back in my bedroom again because It’s so much easier when I’m getting ready to head out to uni in the mornings!

Cardi (Topshop) Purple Vest (HK) Tee (GAP) Skirt (UO) Belt (Oasis) Tights (Topshop)

It was also my sister’s 12th Birthday and of course we had a yummy cake to celebrate. As part of her present I bought her Spirited Away on dvd. I love Studio Ghilbli and Spirited Away is one of my favourites. What’s every ones favourite Studio Ghilbli film?Finally, this weekend I went out with some friends for a colleagues leaving do. It was so much fun! I wore that dress I bought a few weeks ago from Topshop. I forgot to mention that the dress isn’t actually a Topshop dress but from one of the many brands they stock on the basement level (the best floor in my opinion!)

Me: Cardi (H&M) Dress (LOVE) Belt (New Look) Friends…Topshop, UO and Topshop!

I feel as though this post is picture heavy too but definitely less to take in than the post previously. I am so glad that you all liked the post! I was worried that it was too much text with me yapping on about various elements of the exhibition! It was definitely worth writing up 🙂