Dress (Hong Kong) Coat (UO) Tights, Beanie (Topshop) Belt (Vintage) Bow (H&M) Shoes (KG)

I love this dress and because it is knitted, it only tends to be worn during the colder months. It’s a lovely blue and I almost always choose to wear some kind of red belt with it. I also am quite pleased to finally be able to wear this beanie. I bought it at the end of spring which meant that I had no time to wear it because it began to get (a little) warmer!

I cannot believe how little time I have for blogging these days. It really feels like I’m neglecting it but the masters is so incredibly time consuming….and that SHOWstudio post is taking forever to write up. It’s nearly done and I plan to finish it this weekend! Anyway, this is the building which has been taking up so much of my time. It has a more contemporary extension to the building too but I like the section which faces the gardens. It’s a lovely building to study in.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!