Pretty Scans

I was walking through Selfridges (Birmingham) today with some friends and was browsing the Japanese make up brands RMK and Suqqu. On the counter was an old issue of Vivi magazine and the SA looked over the moon that I recognised it. Had she not been with a client I would probably have pondered the make up a little longer…maybe next time because she seemed so sweet and friendly.

Anyway, it reminded me that I have some pretty scans from my latest issue of Vivi magazine. So enjoy!

Er…and just for good measure, I’m going to throw in a random pic of Hideaki Takizawa. Though I am not a fan of those oddly painted black nails.

I have only just returned from a meal out with some friends. We went to an Eco-friendly, vegetarian restaurant and I had the BEST dairy-free ice cream sundae. I was pleasantly surprised and feel very lethargic and ready for a good snooze!