Lucky thing

Very occasionally my sister, Hailey makes an appearance on this blog. She’s probably partying away in Liverpool as it’s Freshers week at the moment and she likes a party or two.

We’ve always recognised how different our styles are. While I opt for bright colours and a more cutesy vibe, she always goes for more neutral ones. Though lately things seem to have swapped round as I’ve been trying to wear more neutral colours and she has introduced several bright coloured things into her wardrobe!

Top, Jeans (Topshop) Jacket (Marc Jacobs) Shoes (H&M) Belt (ASOS) Jewellery (Miss Selfridge)

Oh and yes, she’s smart, photogenic and to top it all off, she has this amazing jacket (Sigh) I’ve always loved her little cropped jacket which has this cute ‘icing’ detail on the sleeves. My aunt had a friend in Hong Kong who had a shop which was a showroom for retailers. On one of our visits, Hailey very very VERY luckily scored this jacket which was at an extremely low, wholesale price. Unfortunately my aunt’s friend closed her shop but Hailey was so lucky to get this. I’ve only just remembered she has this and I think this is hanging up in her wardrobe. This means I will be borrowing it lots!

Hailey also has a very generous friend who bought her this amazing Topshop clutch as a belated birthday present!

Lucky thing!

A bit of exciting news for you, I enrolled at uni for my masters in marketing yesterday. Judging by the timetable I’ve been given, it’s going to be a crazy busy year. So expect my posts to be a little bit slower than usual from now on!