Let’s call this one pink lemonade

This marketing masters is already tiring me out and term doesn’t officially start until Monday! I have been running around campus looking for books and discovered a Starbucks that has opened. Very bad as It’s definitely a place I will spend hours sitting in and pouring over class notes. I am living at home this year which means a daily commute of about 45 mins requiring two buses. It may be cheaper but it makes things awkward. Especially if I find out that I have a lecture in the morning then a seminar in the afternoon. I guess I will be living in Starbucks, the library or the Student Guild!

I also found that my course has a huge percentage of international students which are mandarin speakers. Very confusing as they try to speak to me in mandarin until they realise I am British born Chinese (something they find fascinating which makes me laugh) and whose only other language is Cantonese! This is something that has confused our lecturers too as me and another girl are British but we obviously blend in with the international students. Never judge a book by it’s cover as one of my lectures laughed after speaking to my friend.

The International students are also the most eager and lovely people I’ve ever met! I am a little bit in awe of them as they’ve travelled so far to study here and I’ve travelled a mere 45 mins away. Haha. I know that a few of you readers are studying in countries away from home too, and I definitely think it’s an amazing thing!Right sorry for rambling (I’m guessing most of you skipped that anyway) let’s get back to fashion. I was sorting out my tights (all rolled up and in an overflowing little drawer) and came across this pair that I don’t recall having ever worn. Silly me.

Woolly Dress, Lace Cropped top (Topshop) Cardi (H&M) Shoes (Topshop) Hair Band (Sheena Holland)

I’ve been layering all my jewellery like this lately…

Necklaces; black and gold chain (Aldo) Pendant (Vintage) Long gold chain (Vintage)

Yes I feel a bit like a big pink marshmallow in these colours but sometimes you get up and just have one colour on your mind. So much so that tomorrow, I will not be wearing any pink whatsoever!

Also…aren’t these Kurt Geiger boots lovely? They’re really chunky and heavy in real life but I cannot afford the £150 price tag. Boo. I’m beginning to think about buying new boots for A/W!

Anyway, it’s been a busy week with uni starting and also my grandparents and aunts from Hong Kong have come to stay for 3 weeks. Hectic to say the least! I promise to start catching up on your blogs this weekend…first time for a nap!