Layering up

I took these photos just before I went to see Inglourious Basterds. It’s a brilliant film and highly recommended. Then again, the critical response to the film speaks for itself right?

Tee (UO) Sheer Blouse (Topshop) Cardigan (UO) Jeggings (Silence+Noise) Oxfords (H&M)Jewellery (From short to long); Black Pearl, Vintage, Bexy Lady

I really like digging out all my similarly toned jewellery and wearing them all together at the moment. I feel all pirately and I love it.

I’m also very tempted by Yokoo’s amazing scarves which have been seen on the likes of Susie and Tavi. I wish I could knit! My chat with LJ from Save Our Shoes on Twitter about our mutual love for her knitted goodies has proven to be very tempting…well it IS my birthday in 2 months. Ha. Yes two months. I shouldn’t justify purchases with birthdays…I don’t want to turn 23 yet!