A girl can never have too many dresses…

I feel very, very lucky lately as this morning a package from Goddiva was waiting for me. Thank you so much! Inside was this peach-pink coloured party dress. One of the things I always look for in a dress is it’s versatility. So I wore a t-shirt under it in these photos, added a few accessories to dress it down a little.

So cheesy but I can’t help it!Dress (Goddiva) Tee (Topshop) Belt (Pop Boutique) Shoes (Barrats) Necklace (Topshop) Hair bow in first pic (New Look)

I really like the colour of the dress and I kind of really love it with the butterfly belt. With university looming and various events happening around campus, a new dress will sure come in handy!

I’m so excited about Christopher Kane’s collection for Topshop Are there any key pieces you want? I adore the black one shouldered lace dress and the Croc dress! I hope to get my hands on at least one of them (or both if my bank account will allow me) but this will also mean that I will be very poor.
I was also given this ‘Bella Pilar blog award’ from the gorgeous Sharon of My passport to style Thank you! For those of you who have given me awards over the last few months (especially the list 7/10 things about yourself ones) I have saved them up and will be posting them at some point, so I haven’t forgotten about you guys!