Christopher day!

As we all know, today was Christopher Kane day (or Christmas Day as I almost typed!) The 39 piece collection hit the Topshop website and stores around the country were allocated their selection. Some pieces online sold out almost instantly which include most of the mirror-eyelet dresses. I took my chance and did not set my alarm for 6am and instead wandered into my local Topshop at 4pm after work. I was surprised at how little my Topshop had stocked and the nude skater dress which I really wanted to try on was not to be seen. Having said that, it’s not on the Topshop website either so do any of you know if it was online at all today?

I tried on the one shouldered lace dress which was very lovely but realised I wouldn’t get the wear out of it. It’s a gorgeous, unique dress and a little more transparent than I realised as parts of it was mesh. Going by the prices, I wanted to buy something that was a little more versatile. If I had the money then I would definitely have taken this home with me to save for a special occasion! My sister approves of this pic and it hurts a little to look at what I walked away from!

So onwards to the tees that er…kind of scream Christopher Kane. After all, his Gorilla dresses are iconic. I loved the tee…

But I adored the dress! …and so I bought it and it came home with me.

It goes perfectly with my H&M vest. I wear this thing to death as you’ve probably noticed! The dress is a little longer on me as I am so petite but it still works.

Faux vest (H&M) Shoes (KG) Patent Bow (UO)
A last thing before I go…an update on my nails!

Ring (V&A gift shop) 031 (Kesalan Patharan), Beiged Bliss (MAC)

I received the Kesalan Patharan glitter polish from my aunt a few years ago. It’s a Japanese brand and I’m really into Japanese make up at the moment. I don’t wear a whole heap of make up these days but I found my perfect foundation from RMK It’s perfect for Chinese/Korean etc skin. It also helps that me and Ting (the SA) who was wearing a giant satin hair bow bonded over our mutual love for Vivi magazine!