Baby Baby…

Inspired by a photo one of my cousins put up, Hailey and I decided to rummage through some old photos. These photos I put up on my FB account proved to be such a hit with friends that I thought why not share them on here too?

Me and Hailey

The hairband and bow trend was totally mine. Way before Blair Waldorf! I’m clearly trying to perfect the blogger pose and showing off my awesome faux leather/gem studded skirt!

Digging the big hair bow!

I would wear this tomorrow if I could…I want to wear white tights now…Also remember that post about the Aquascutum campaign images? I found this one of me, my Grandad and Hailey. I don’t look quite as scared as I remembered!They make me laugh because I feel as though not much has changed since then as I still have a love of tights and hair bows!