What a whirlwind!

Yesterday we made a trip down to London for Hannah’s 22nd birthday. It was a lovely day which went from being exceptionally chilled to the last 30mins which was a crazy whirlwind! I didn’t document the trip fully but here is what I managed to snap(during the chilled out moments of course!)

Here is the birthday girl…she is a fan of Vans shoes (I think the tee gives it away) and I made her a Van’s themed birthday card!

Chrissy and Sally in St. James park.

Me and the birthday girl (pulling a face as always) Yep, I’m wearing my leather vest!Hannah, me and Georgie
My new polka-heart tights went on it’s first outing!Random shoe shot. Georgie had some awesome red docs!

Too many times in the past, have I wished I would ‘get growing’ and grow taller!

Lace top, Leather vest, Skirt (H&M) Belt (Vintage) Tights and Plimsolls (Topshop) Belt (Vintage)

We ended up in another park and had a picnic in Regents Park. We were a little bit naughty but this ‘Singria‘ was part of our picnic. It was scarily neon pink and looked like cherryade.

Sunnies (UO) Plimsolls (Topshop)

Walking back to Camden…

We ended up browsing some of the markets at Camden and then we went to Leicester square to the pub for a much needed break. Little did we realise the time! We missed the train we were planning to get and decided to get the 10:10pm train. An hour before our train left, we were still at a lovely little Thai restaurant (Soho Thai) There wasn’t much time to savour the food as we were literally in and out of the restaurant in 30mins. I think the staff were a little surprised at our hurried meal! We must have been the perfect customers.

As soon as we paid the bill we had 30mins to race from Soho to Marylebone station. Completely mad but we managed to get our train which turned out to the very last one of the night. Let’s just say that now, I completely understand those people who have to run onto trains and have had to jam the tube doors open!

When we arrived at our train station at home, the staff locked up for the night right after us! I still can’t believe how lucky we were. I think I am only beginning to digest my Thai green curry and catch my breath! I can’t help but laugh about it now but at the time it was complete mayhem! Definitely a memorable birthday for Hannah, phew!